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The amount you pay toward your medical plan is a fraction of the total cost of healthcare coverage.

Our collective behaviors can influence how much everybody pays for medical insurance. Actions like receiving routine preventive care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can result in us all paying less.

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Harness the Power of an HSA

Not only does a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) help you save money on current health care expenses, but it can also help you plan ahead for health care expenses in retirement! 

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Company news

1in5 Campaign

SupportLinc's 1in5 Campaign focuses on normalizing the need for mental health resources and removing the stigma for those who want to access care. Start the conversation around mental health today.

Posted Date: 5/1/2024

Healthy Vision Month

Taking care of your eyes should be a priority! Explore ways to protect your vision with Health Connect 360.

Posted Date: 5/1/2024

May Savings for Summer

Kickstart your summer travel plans, secure wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day and grads, all while supporting your well-being with fantastic offers on wellness products.

Posted Date: 5/1/2024